For the past decades, the author M. L. Stark wanted to write a book about life, from being born to becoming an adult woman. She lives in the United Kingdom, and suddenly got the courage to write volume one following the second book of the “Burning Desire trilogy: The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes.” The author is an established woman, who has been married for over 20 years and has grown children and several grandchildren. Despite her struggles during her lifespan as she was living in a petrifying mess, she had plenty of courage to help abandoned and rare animals and support children’s causes if needed. During her lifespan, she fell victim when she didn’t could see through the love life as she was dating a sociopath, one who swindled himself through life. The Author herself became a character in a "horror movie" when the psychopath began to sink into his mania of deceives, abuse and lies. Today the author lives a happy life, knowing she achieved the impossible; to write books about being a victim who survived the cruelty of abuse. I can merely say: “The biggest coward is a man who awakens a woman’s love without the intention of loving her.” —Bob Marley

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