About the Book

This is about Part One & Two of a life story about dating an unnerving sociopath, a self-absorbed, lying person whom throughout his entire life has exploited, stolen, swindled other people and love-scammed many women around the globe. The books showcase how a psychopathic man, manipulates a women for money only to maintain a sense of power over a vulnerable human being, which makes it highly authentic and impactful.

I stayed true to most of the countries, though I had to change some of them, and I changed the names of places and my characters.

As we begin in part 1, we follow the main character Mary, an established wealthy married woman, but her lifespan is a spine-chilling mess. She is vulnerable and on the edge of a suicide because of her pain and was living in an unfulfilling marriage with an unfaithful man. While Mary is in their summer residence in Spain she seeks for special pain treatment at a clinic where she meets the middle-aged Chiropractor Drake Lucifer Bates. He always presented himself with a public persona of normalcy, was charming and at first kind and helpful. From the first day Mary attended as Drake’s patient at his clinic in Spain he immediately and inappropriately began flirting with her. His secretary, was his girlfriend and shockingly she noticed his tastelessly approach towards Mary, stepping over the ethical line between patient and Doctor.

At first Drake seemed to have a funny personality on the outside and appeared as a fascinating charming man, with the ability to capture an audience with whomever he spoke with. He was bragging a lot and gave the impression of being a well-educated and knowledgeable Doctor, giving the imprint he had much medical research in his backpack, yet his final trade was only being a Chiropractor. Swindling wealthy patients, rich investors and having affairs with his secretary was his primary target.

Mary gets captured by his smartness and knowledge and fell prey to the allure of Drake, utilising his role as Mary’s doctor to his own perverse advantage and made his way into Mary’s psyche and wielded power and fear to attract her. At first, she ignored his immorally way of flirting and made several times a pass at Mary even she did everything to reject him. After they secretly had met for a dinner date, she unattended, and half drunken falls into his rabbit hole ending up having a one-nightstand with Drake. But he wanted more, even Mary was not interested. At the next appointment at the clinic, he had banned the secretary for all future sessions regarding Mary. Drake goes too far, locks the door, and hides the key. Does he get hard when he treats patients? It was too late for her to escape. Ashamed and because Mary thought it was her own fault, Drake convince her to forgive him for his crime. Naïve as Mary is, she trusts him and continues her treatments. He continues to flirt with her and unintended she becomes captured in Drake’s sticky spider web of promises of a better life with him. Little did Mary know that trusting Drake with her fragile life, she couldn’t see he was a Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde type. It was too late for her to escape and he wins her compassion with his enormous intellect and glimmering charm.

A passionate love affair begins, and he saves her from her unwise suicide attempt and her cheating husband. Something vastly magical happened around him as he appears energetic, funny, and trustworthy. During the romantic Honeymoon Phase Drake grasp she will become a wealthy woman of which he can benefit from. The romance eventually takes them around the globe, while Drake wants Mary to invest in different conning business concepts, promising her she will get ten-fold back the amount. Drake begins to misuse her strong belief in Christ and gladly praises himself as Jesus, looking symbolically at the cross of Jesus when they once visited a Catholic church.

They end up in Hong Kong and Macau where they get involved with the Mafia who eventually chase Drake in the attempt to kill him, and suddenly they were on the run ending up in Indonesia where he cons a well-known wealthy hotel owner. Eventually he sees through Drake’s fishy scams so during the night and as two shifty thieves, Drake and Mary must flee to another Asian country where their life is in their best phase and Mary is living on Cloud nine with Drake.

Unexpectedly Drake become nastier and things between them goes haywire as he is not able to earn any money. Financially she is bailing him out of messes, lying on his behalf and putting her life on the line for their future which eventually catches up to Mary, and she must make the difficult decision to lose herself completely in love or leave him behind.

Mary unwillingly becomes a character in his weird performance of his imaginary strange life. It’s as living with a disturbed handsome and charming lunatic, as he sinks into his mania of deceives, lies and manipulative behaviour which ends disastrous for Mary and consumes her into his dark, shady terror of promises of a better and happier living. No doubt, Drake is the perfect Puppet Master, controlling the strings on his prey, as he plays the role perfectly, as were he a well-known Oscar-winning actor.

During the devaluation phase, Mary begins to figure out how Drake has lied to her as she finds out he is still married in the US and has abandoned his wife and two children. Mary gets suspicious and plagued with Drake’s constant deceit, abuse and lies as they bolt from country to country after his schemes and scams catch up to him. Abruptly, they must flee from Asia, ending up in a Muslim country close by the Caspian Sea, and little did the investor know about Drake’s scams which leads the readers in this story of Drake’s greediness and Mary’s relationship to him of the double-edge sword of love and readers will find the line between love and manipulation is anything but clear-cut.

Drake’s devaluation phase of a broken Mary begins, and he becomes extremely cruel to her. Mary never knows what happened next as Drake can either be very low and sluggish or feel astronomical and overactive and suddenly he changes for the worse, breaking her down. Mary is caught in a dangerous, cynical cage of love for him and have not realised that she is dealing with the worst and most drawn-out suicide of her life, paying the price for a massive let-down by Drake. His manipulative behaviour and scams end disastrous for Mary so believing him was fatal.

At the end of the story, I touch on relevant topics today such as cyberbullying, and his romance scamming behaviour. Lastly about the COVID-19 pandemic and about how Drake and his new victim constantly is harassing Mary.