⭐ Can you imagine living with a partner who is a psychopath? How do you survive living with a psychopath? 


Title – Burning Desire Part 1 : The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes
Author – M. L. Stark

I totally agree with the below phrase – “Psychopathy is the only mental disorder where it is not the patient, but the environment that suffers”.

⭐ This is one such story where the protagonist Mary, a pretty little doll was not aware about the upcoming disaster as she trusted and started dating a truly creepy sociopath Drake, a self-absorbed, lying person using people for his benefits. He preyed on Mary because he knew she had lot of money and that’s all he was looking for. We all know, when we start attracting towards someone, we actually don’t bother to know more and more about that person, everything seems perfect in the beginning and the same happened with Mary. Drake won her compassion and trust with his enormous intellect and charming personality but later she will realise that dating him was the biggest mistake of her life.

⭐ While reading this story, I kept my fingers crossed because it’s really painful to see a women who was leading a normal life suddenly caught in a web of horrible things. I felt pity for Mary and for all those women who might have suffered the same. Being a female, I really felt a connection with the character Mary, i felt bad for her. Even though, the story is fictional, but it contains ideas based on real events because we can’t deny, what was happening with Mary, it happens in reality too.

⭐ I really want this book to be read by every women, you all should be aware of this because I believe at least 4% of women in the world’s population can relate to the story. This is even a taboo subject but no woman dare to talk about it. I really appreciate M.L. Stark because at least through this story, she is talking about this thing and definitely trying to help women. The story is realistic and quite different from other stories which talks about psychopath and that’s why I really liked this book and I am sure, if you are planning to grab your copy, you won’t regret it.

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