Yes, they do. They are not stupid or lacking cognitive thinking skills. Like anyone, they can look back over their past relationships and know “the one” that got away.

Narcissists are immature emotionally stunted children inside. They think with basic emotions of happy, sad, mad, bored, jealous. Jealousy or envy has been proven in studies to develop at a very young ages. Much of the terrible two’s in a child’s life is realizing they are not the only person in the world. Mom and dad can walk away. Siblings can get mom’s attention and sometimes they can’t. Envy.

Remember, narcissist, don’t have magical powers to pick who they want and when they want for supply. It is a constant search and recruitment process and, unfortunately, no matter how promising new supply can be, a narcissist always finds disappointment in any supply. They cannot be made happy enough and eventually, the sad, mad, and bored emotions surface inside them.

So, you can be “the one” for them. The best fit. The most amazing chemistry. But when the narcissist goes into one of their mood swings into darkness and even if it is because of their actions, the supply MUST take the brunt of the anger and all of the accountability. Narcissists do hate themselves inside (shame) and therefore, everything good has to come from the outside – supply, experiences, winning affection.

I knew a narcissist who absolutely adored an old supply and felt they were ALMOST perfect together. Despite many wonderful memories, the N discarded the supply over something admittedly insignificant. Except this time, the supply blocked them out and moved on. See, narcissists do lose sometimes badly. The narcissist would reunite but knew it was over. So, the narcissist was convinced the true “the one” was still out there. Had to be. The narcissist is perfect. Worthy of the best!

Quora – Steve Holme – August 15

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