Relationships often come with their fair share of challenges. Both big and small.

The question was; how could I overcome these obstacles? And at the time when a fresh man came into my life?

The worst thing about the relationship with a psychopath / narcissist is the fact that nobody will ever believe you.

How come, you might be thinking. Maybe you never have been in the claws of a psychopath. I have! I also found out a covert narcissist makes themselves out to be the kindest, most sincere, and nicest person anyone can ever imagine. In fact, they are the biggest cowards you’ll ever have the misfortune of meeting. They’re utilizing passive aggression in the most covert ways, so you do not know that they are in conflict.

In my books Burning Desire – 1 & Burning Desire Fades – 2, The psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes.

How it is to live with a covert Narcissist
That is what I talk about in my books. Can you imagine how it’s like to live with a covert narcissist? The narcissist taps into the target’s senses, in a way few others can.
No doubt, he was very good at keeping up what I imagined about him. He would do anything for anyone at any time. At no cost, he pretended the best ever. Furthermore, he wanted to do good for everyone––except for me after he first had me in his fiddling cobweb. Mostly he wanted to show everyone how wonderful he was. In reality he was actually vindictive and pretty nasty.

Bournemouth Beach Huts - Honeycombe Beach

He was feeling me out.

He liked me. Next he was wondering what I was thinking of him. He was feeling me out. Quickly, he was doing the many questions things, trying to feel me out. And I was the biggest blabbermouth of them all. telling too much about myself. He was there for me 24/7. Next, I idealized him. I felt he was my soulmate.


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