How did he know when I started to figure him out for who he was?

Was it; when I stopped reacting?

I found out he was an empty vessel brought on by excessive grandiosity and personal injuries. He was starving for attention and when he was being kind, it was only to get money or information from me to use against me. 

When my boyfriend found out I was on to him and I tried to go up against him, he became more viscous towards me. He was a master in manipulation! What mattered most to him was how he appeared to others. 

He would NOT show up for me at times when I needed him the most and then he would be rageful if I was upset about it.

He continually criticized me, and nothing was ever good enough. 

He never apologised in an authentic way, nor could I ever win against his evil ways. Nothing was ever his fault, according to him, and everything was always blamed on me or others. 

Will I ever be able to begin a new life of freedom and healthy living? That’s the biggest question of them all. And will I ever find my answers in my writing when everything comes to the surface.

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