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Review by Ramona Portelli

Burning Desire FadesThe Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes Part 2 by Author M.L. Stark is an amazing book that keeps you wanting more.

This book really kept me hooked on, turning from one page to another until I read it all.  Well done to Author M.L. Stark who managed to plot all the story in this wonderful book.  I really recommend Burning Desire FadesThe Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes Part 2.

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One Comment on “BURNING DESIRE FADES – Review By Ramona Portelli

    Ever since I read Burning Desire No. 1 by M. L. Stark, I have been looking forward to No. 2. I am not disappointed. Under Drake Lucifers and Marys adventurous travels around the world Drake reveals more and more psychopathic character traits. He pretends to love Mary while he systematically manipulates her and degrades her personality. Money stands high above love, and money is what drives everything in his life. He spares no means to procure them. Nor theft. From Mary.
    Reading the book affected me emotionally. It was heartbreaking. Their huge and very destructive quarrels were terrible. I got outraged of all of Drake’s attempts to cheat both Mary and others. However, I also got a good laugh over, for example, Drake’s letter to the queen. The man’s madness and great thoughts about himself and his abilities is made clear both in the letter and in the fact that he believed he was an incarnation of Jesus.
    I am shocked by how complex, mean and deeply unsympathetic and unempathic the man turned out to be at the same time that he still managed to have a lovable side. However, there were many red flags and warnings about his lack of character right from the start.
    When he at last realised that he never would get a share of Marys money from the divorce, he gave her the finger and let her down in the worst possible and most unscrupulous way. Like a cowardly dog, he leaves Mary lost and broken. Drake is a true Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A charmer and tyrant. A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
    Unfortunately, the book is a bit difficult to read due to the very small print. But the excitement of reading the book outweighed the disadvantages.
    I can highly recommend it.

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