Special Thanks






I’m grateful to everyone who supported me in my growth throughout a difficult process in my life and helped to make this book a reality. Writing is certainly not an easy task!

Thanks to my family, childhood friends, and their families for putting up with my obsession with travelling the past years. Thanks for being my children, giving me grandchildren, and being loyal and supportive throughout my difficult time. You are all essential to me. My best childhood friends, you are like a sister and brother to me. Your parents are the parents I dreamt of. Thanks to friends in Jutland, to the people I met during my worldwide travels, and special thanks to my two private chauffeurs in England.

Thanks to Mr Dexter Lopez, my publishing consultant at Xlibris, for the massive support. You gave me the final kick and showed rock-solid belief in the book. 

A special thanks to Daniel Esparza, the USA for the permission to use your stunning artwork as a book cover. 

A special thanks to Elena Dudina digital artist for finishing the book cover and social media.

Mr Drake Lucifer Bates, thanks for allowing me to love you. Fortunately, you did not succeed in bringing me down, although you took away my dignity. My life was never the same, but I learned from your evilness. I truly loved you. The only thing I regret in my life is the many good things I did for you. 

Enjoy the reading!


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