The bright side of life.


17th March 2020
My meridian clock tells me that I am normally not an early bird. Strangely the last couple of days I’ve been up earlier than usual. Why? So, what did I do? Morning coffee and a smoke. Next, I shower washed my hair, and got dressed.


Should I continue writing? Damn, I’m still lacking the momentum. News is coming in on the TV. It’s all about Covid-19. It’s serious in the UK and the rest of the world. Will you believe it. Only Montenegro, a Balkan country with rough mountains and with a population of about 630.000 are so far free from the devastating virus. The rest of the entire world is massively hit by Covid-19.

I used to live for some years in Montenegro. A stunning country. I’ve written about in Burning Desire – Part 2. 

So, what did I do today? I went shopping. Christ’s all shelves are empty, but I got milk, 6 eggs, some meat, and bread. Will you imagine it? On one of the shelves, I see 10 packages of toilet paper and 5 packages off kitchen rolls. I grab one of each and are lucky to get 4 rolls of toilet paper and 2 kitchen rolls. Kindly, I, of course, leave the rest for others. A younger couple passes me and grabs the rest. I’m dumbfounded. Shame on them. The elderly lady didn’t get any. The young couple didn’t share with the others.

My car is almost emptied for gasoline, so the next stop is at the gas station. Dam it was low, so I fill up the car and then drive back home, unpacking all my goods. I sign some of my first edition of Burning Desire – Part 1 and hand over a copy to a friend.

I decided on a walk and are strolling along the beach. The wind is rough, but the sun is shining. On my way back home through the many green areas, I see to my surprise the many Spring flowers blooming. I realize despite the horrifying time we are looking at; the circle is going on. I get joyful and take some pictures of the flowers.

Sit down on a bench and start writing what I did today. Maybe this is my new momentum to continue writing and I chose to see positive on the horrifying things we experience at the moment in the entire world. As Monty Python once sang: Always Look on The Bright Side of Life.

Have a lovely day and enjoy the video with Monty Python – The Bright side of life.

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