There are these people who hate every that ain’t like them

I think most people in this world are nice. But then there are these people who hate every that ain’t like them and these Narcs see these people as lesser as them.
After my divorce, I was still in grief, but I was also happy with my new man I loved so much. What I still didn’t know was that my new boyfriend was very delusional as well as a massive liar. He thought he was the best life coach and the perfect therapist there that existed in this world. He just loved to get the grand attention and I massively gave it to him. But what I didn’t realise it was all about his manipulation and to him it was all wrong what I did.
  • Play by his rules!
  • Submit to him!
  • He is always right!
  • Gaslighting!
  • He is so talented at playing the victim.
  • The jealousy of his behaviour when I talked to others, was outrageous.
  • He can convince everyone he meets on his path, that he is as pure and clean as the wind driven snow.

At times and out of the blue, he said; “You’re a such a horrible person for what you’ve done. ” I was still in grief because of my divorce, but I also loved my new man so much. I had a BURNING DESIRE for him.

Often I didn’t know what I had done wrong. His anger showed when he believed I crossed him the wrong way unless it benefited him; then he was the most loving and empathetic person in my life. I worked my ass off to love him. To follow him when he wanted to move on to the next country and I provided everything for him, so what more could I do for him?

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