Update! – Burning Desire Part 1

Unfortunately, in the first edition, there have been some errors between the editor
and the author which we had not corrected carefully enough in
Burning Desire – Part 1.

The Psychopath and the Girl in Black Prada Shoes 

  • We have corrected spelling and grammatical errors.
  • We have corrected the future “plot twist” and saved it for the upcoming Part 2.
  • We have removed future “hindsight” issues and saved it for the upcoming Part 2.
  • We have corrected “confusions” in the timeframe.
  • We have strengthened the story.
  • We have updated the E-book.
  • We have printed and released the new books for the market.
Thank you, BlueInk, for telling us. We can always learn new things in life.
Thank you, dear reader and follower, for your understanding.
We apologise for the inconvenient.


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